Be Afraid, Very Afraid!

Marketing Tips January 26, 2011 by Steven Q
   Getting your customers honest opinion is tough, but sometimes hearing it is even tougher. However, to successfully grow your business you need to know what your customers see so you can continually improve their experience with your company. Here is a list of strategy’s you can use to get your customers feedback and gain their loyalty.
1)      Take surveys, but don’t frame the questions so the answers will always sound favorable. For example don’t ask “How satisfied where you with our service” Then have answers like not satisfied, somewhat satisfied, very satisfied, very very satisfied, ecstatic. Ask, “How would you rate your service” and give equal weight to the answers, like very poor, poor, average, good, very good.”  
2)      If possible give your customers varies ways to contact you regarding their experience. The option to leave feedback online, over the phone or even in person can help assure the customer that you are doing your best.
3)      Don’t be afraid to ask the people that you know are very dissatisfied with you. Even if you don’t mind loosing them as a customer it is a good idea to know what lead them to be dissatisfied in the first place. You can’t please everyone but it doesn’t hurt to try.
4)      Reward honest feedback. Give your customers something for taking the time to help you. Even if it is a coupon for a free coffee at the local gas station or just a thank you card, showing them you appreciate the effort is always important. If the feedback is not what you wanted or expected to hear you may need to go the extra mile to ensure them you have no hard feelings. 
5)      Act on your customer’s suggestions. If a customer leaves you and is gracias enough to tell you why the best way to pay them back is to become the company they wish they had. If your customers give you feedback and stay, then be sure to be the company they deserve to have.  
I hope these tips help. I’ll leave you with a quote I heard from David Robinson. 
“I love you isn’t always saying I love you. Sometimes it’s saying hey you have a booger on your face let me get that for you before you get embraced.”

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