Change you can believe in. How social media, competition, and life all help you reignite your passion.

August 25, 2011 by Steven Q
Everyday entrepreneurs are faced with a decision that will change the course of how they do business. For some it may involve simply evaluating how they will market in the coming year, but for others it can be as drastic as completely revisiting what their company does and how it will survive.  No matter how life changing a decision may seem there is a simple way to keep your business from being paralyzed in quick sand – go back to your roots.
Whether you started your business based on innovation or a change of life’s circumstances, chances are you created your business based on an idea and belief in something no one else can substitute for. I’d bet a nickel that you started your business because someone helped you believe in yourself. Take Denise Sample ( for example, she spent 11 years with AT&T in the Finance and Human resources department supporting the corporate executive team. When her position was moved to Dallas she was moved to start her own business giving that same level of support to small business owners and other entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are a special bunch with a long list of positive traits, but no trait is more important than passion.  From day one of starting your business, your passion is burning like a roaring bonfire and everyone around you can feel it. Passion is contagious.
On day two you realize there are obstacles in your way. Your competitors are doing everything in their power to make you feel inadequate. People start to tell you that you might not be cut out to run a business. Days go by and you can’t seem t make that second sale. But you press on, you believe in yourself and what you can do. Passion doesn’t consume what fuels you, it is what fuels you.
Fast forward to today. I can tell you this, nothing has changed. Social media makes it easier than ever to communicate your message to consumers. But it also can make you feel like you’ll never be able to keep up with your competition.  The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you can reinvent yourself as many times as you need to. Change is what got you to where you are and making another change will get you where you need to be.  Use the social networks to find groups of individuals that can help reignite your passion and remember that it is ok to believe in yourself. You are the change you can believe in.

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