Dreaming in color - Setting goals for 2012. (Social Media should be one of them)


A new year brings new possibilities, new potential and a renewed sense of I think I can. I chose the post this blog half way through January because I realize at this point 85% (I made that number up) of people have already given up on their resolution. But I’m here to say to you that it’s not too late. Mid January and early February are the perfect time to start building toward your goals because it gives the appearance that you’re still at it even when everyone around you has fallen. So now that you know which goals were too ambitious, let’s create new goals you can actually accomplish by the end of this year.
Here is a list of goals to help you get started:
1. Get on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. No excuses just do it, it will take 15 minutes tops.
2. Rehash that old email list you built back in 2008. I predict that email marketing will make a comeback this year. It is still one of the least expensive ways to keep loyal customers loyal.
3. Give SEO a try by optimizing your current site, or creating a new site using wordpress or another CMS system. The web is officially the marketplace, you may not dominate it but you don’t want to be irrelevant either.
4. Focus on profits like never before. Recognize what your high profit margin items are and push those. Often times your lower cost items have the highest margins and are easier to sell. Don’t get caught up in high price tags if your margin is razor thin.
5. Take a look at your marketing and business plans and determine if what you are doing today still fits or if you need a new plan. Times change and new opportunities pop up all the time but staying true to your brand keeps your customers tuned in to what you have to offer. Over extending yourself as a small company will lead to a failure in one or more areas of your business.
6. Reward your customers this year. Start small by sending a thank you note or email after a purchase and work your way up from there. What used to be common place in customer centered organizations is now rare and stands out like a beautiful sunset to the customer on the receiving end.
7. Make time to have fun. If the 2012 predictions are right this is your last hurrah. I once heard that no one stands before God and says,” I wish I worked more,” so delegate what you can and actually enjoy being an entrepreneur.
I would love to hear what your goals are and maybe someone would like to add to this list. Leave your comments and have a great year.

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