Kissing Butt & Taking Names:

Marketing Tips December 20, 2010 by Steven Q
     I want to address a problem that many small business owners face: Letting people know what you can do without sounding like your full of yourself. 
 As an entrepreneur and business owner you are completely dependent on your ability to sell your product or service to customers.  If you can’t eloquently, or at least staggeringly, get someone to give you a try your dreams of making it big will quickly evaporate.   I must admit that I personally have and sometimes still do struggle with networking and building relationships if I don’t actively make an effort and overcoming the obstacles I place in front of myself and use the tips I’ve listed below.    
     Let’s first dissect 3 obstacles people who don’t do a good job of promoting themselves place in front of themselves and how you can overcome each.  
1)     Lack of Confidence: This is the number one killer of businesses outside of lack of planning. I’ve seen my own clients leave from a meeting with me, show up at a networking event filled with confidence, only to shrivel up like a raisin when a larger competitor passed by. 
The good news is that overcoming this is easy. After seeing this happen several times I now make sure that each client of ours believes in this statement. “No matter how many people do what you do, make sure no one does it like you.” Once you create and perfect a niche you’ll have the big boys worried about you as you take market share away from them. Do it unique and good enough and you will find yourself fielding offers from those competitors to buy your company.

2)      Knowing when to ask for the sale. Successful sales people know exactly when to close the deal because they live by one rule. Always be closing. The ABC rule sounds harsher then it is but the idea is simple, always be digging deeper and deeper into your relationship pool to find any opportunity to offer your service as a solution to a given problem someone in your network may be facing. You don’t have to think of this as always using a hard sell. Sometimes just reminding people what you do can lead to a referral or a sale from someone who knew who you were but forgot what you did. (I know you must recognize people at networking events that you’ve met but can’t remember their name none-the-less what they do.)      

3)     This brings us to the last rule. If you hate talking about yourself talk about others – but in a good way. Master networkers are those that spend more time connecting people with others then they do talking about themselves. Try meeting someone without the idea that you are going to close them on a sell. Instead genuinely find out about them and what they do and always ask, “What type of clients do you look for” this immediately lowers their guard and gets them to open up. Make notes of everyone you meet and if you get the chance to introduce them to someone they can help you bet they will be eager to get to know you better. Once you solidify your relationship they will eagerly sing your praises and begin referring you.   For more information on how this last strategy works I recommend a book called the Go-Giver by Bob Burg.
You may notice that none of these techniques involve bragging about yourself, rather they focus on building relationships and letting people know how you are different not necessarily better. 
     You don’t have to act like you’re the baddest person in the room, just do your best to be the most respected.

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