Tips for those who need more Time and Money in each day.

+++ I must warn you, this is a very candid look at the first few years of our agency. The goal of this post is to help you learn from our early mistakes. +++

I used to think I was the only one that could do the job right. I rarely delegated work to others because I knew that my reputation is on the line and the quality of the work always comes back to me and Anna. But this was hurting us more then I could imagine. In reality, the easiest way to make more money and add more time to your day is hiring help.  Giving yourself just an extra hour a day is huge and can increase your income potential. Here are 3 setbacks I experienced by trying to do everything myself and the solution I found for each by hiring. Even if it is only for a few hours a week, you can afford to hire help of your already feeling overwhelmed, Help doesn't just pay for itself, it makes you more money. 

I started missing deadlines
The first few weeks of working 18 hour days was fine, but I eventually burned out from this. Our 2 person shop was just overwhelmed with work and at risk of losing clients. We actually found ourselves delegating on which clients we wanted to keep and which ones we needed to drop. This was a bad place to be so we knew that by hiring part timers, we would at least be able to keep the current clients we have happy, then be able to start expanding. Bringing in specialist in areas like billing and taxes also took a ton of stress off our chest.

There was a cap on what I could earn.
By myself I am only able to work and bill for 24 hours in a day.  So take out time for sleep and family and you see that you quickly run out of billable time each day. So the options are to raise my prices and lose some clients, or hire and instantly add to the amount of hours I can bill for. Once we hired the first of our employees we instantly became more profitable.  I was able to focus on what I am best at and hired around my weaker areas.  

The work was not as good as I thought it was.
Our first employee was better at programming and flash animation then I was or ever cared to be.  Not only that, he was 10 times faster at it then I was. This allowed us to improve our work with each employee we hired and allowed me to get back to researching marketing trends so that I could stay ahead of my competitors as well as those of my clients. We started turning out work faster and clients began increasing their budgets because they were getting more for their money.

If any of this sounds like the situation you’re in now, feel free to call us at 210- 692-GROW and we will be happy to work with you no matter your budget. We find that as soon as you are able to free up a little bit of time in your day you will operate your business at a much higher level

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