No More Waiting for Tomorrow!

January 26, 2012 by Steven Q


Procrastination. Some people carry that word around like a badge of honor. I used to take pride in the fact that I could put things off and still meet deadlines. I would tell myself that I needed the pressure to do good work. The problem with that is procrastination is addictive. It’s actually defined as a habit. If you look at successful business people, procrastination is not a trait they posses. In fact, it’s not a trait, it’s a disease. Some scientist are researching if it should be classified as a disorder. Procrastination is a disease that will kill your business and keep you from fulfilling your potential. Why do I keep repeating the word you ask? I want it to disgust you. In order to cure a sickness, you have to know what it’s called. Once you have removed this from your mind, you will begin to achieve things you only dream of while procrastinating. I will give you 3 traits of procrastination and what you can do to change your habits.

Trait one – It robs you of time. Because you don’t know how much time you have, you really should treat time as your most valuable asset. Procrastination often leads to wasting time on meaningless things like Angry Birds or watching reruns of your favorite TV Show. Here’s what to do --Replace your TV time with a walk in the park or on the treadmill. If you’re healthy you may live longer, so rather than wasting time, start gaining some.

Trait two – It leads to poor work. When you’re rushed, you tend to cut corners and hope no one notices. As consumers, we do notice and we are not happy. When you consistently produce a poor product, you will lose customers and you will have a hard time recovering. Quality is the mark of a successful business. Here’s what to do – Spend your procrastination time researching more efficient or better ways to do your job without cutting into the time you need to actually do your job. Becoming more efficient gives you more time to do more research and add more quality to what you offer. Everybody wins.

Trait Three – The Bible says it makes you poor. The term actually used is those that love sleep will become poor (Proverbs 20:13) but it makes a good point. Procrastinators can come across as lazy, and in a sense, that is what it is. The reality is that you are blessed to have clients to work for, or a job, or a way of making an income. You owe it to yourself to do your best. If you love being lazy more than you love yourself, then you will pay the consequences. What you can do – Spend more time in front of people. When you are in front of others you will tend to be on your best behavior. Network with the goal of getting to know people and building relationships and not with the goal of getting a sale. Helping others is a great way to build yourself up and feel good about your day.

If you strugle with procrastination or used to and have found ways to deal with it let me know in the comments below. Let me know what improvments you plan on making this year starting today.

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