Small Steps make a big difference.

Marketing Tips December 5, 2011 by Steven Q

The wife and I like to take walks on the Riverwalk. We walk from the Pearl Brewery to Houston Street and Back. It’s about two and a half miles each way and from the Pearl the downtown buildings look so far away. It seems like if you keep walking the buildings never get closer, but we don’t walk with our head facing the skyline. We pay attention to what’s a few steps ahead. We can’t see around each next corner until we reach it so we just enjoy what we can see in front and around us. The walkway is covered in flowers and lights and is really very enjoyable, and before you know our goal is right in front of us.

Our walks are a lot like what our clients experience running their business before meeting with us. Their goals seem to be so far in front of them that they sometimes don’t focus long enough on the little steps it takes to get there. Because every little decision and customer experience shapes your brand it is important to realize that sometimes when you’re moving toward your goal you will look to the skyline and sometimes you need to put your head down and plow forward. Mistakes will not kill your business, failure to fix your mistakes will.

Keep your future goals in front of you, but not at the expense of the moment.

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    Lorraine Fisher
    January 26, 2012

    "Mistakes will not kill your business, failure to fix your mistakes will." ... Steven, great reminder! (I think I'll post that up in my office!)

    I've made a few mistakes (umm, ok, maybe more than a few) in my business. I think I sometimes focus on those mistakes and it can really bog me down from moving forward. I want to remind myself that a mistake isn't so bad (they happen), but it's what I do with that mistake that's important! Thanks for the encouragement!

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