Social Media Holiday Marketing Tips that last all year

 The holiday season is great for small business owners. In fact the term black Friday originates from the idea that most businesses operate in the red all year and finally make a profit at the start of the Christmas Season.  However, because so many small businesses lack the marketing dollars to compete with the big retailers, they lose brand recall the other 11 months of the year. Social Media Marketing will make it easier than ever to keep this influx of customers coming back all year long if you plan accordingly.  Here are 3 tips you can implement today, using social media, to make the new year more profitable than ever.

1)   Use QR Codes

A quick response code that points to your social media profile of choice can make it easy for a customer to like your page while they are still excited about your business.  If your customers want to have more experiences with your company, make it easy for them to do.  Stapling a business card with a QR code to the receipt is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to do this.

2)      Add your Social media profile info to your Gift Receipts

Chances are the person that received your gift will want to shop at your store as well. So provide gift receipts with every purchase and make sure your online information is easily visible. This way you just turned one customer into two.  Adding a QR Code to this receipt too is also a good idea.

3)      Give special deals for liking your facebook page.

The holidays are the perfect time to run promotions and discounts. So what better place to give your special promotion then through your Social media profile. You can give a coupon for liking your page or set up an auto responder in twitter with a coupon code for anyone that followers you.  Who knows, this coupon may be just the thing to get a customer to come back even after they made a purchase.

These tips will only work if you actively use your social media accounts. If that seems like an overwhelming task, contact us at 210-692-GROW and we will be happy to handle all the details for you for as little as $250 a month. We want to make social media marketing affordable to everyone. 

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