Success & Failure Don’t Happen in a Day.

May 27, 2011 by Steven Q
Success And Failure Don’t Happen In A Day. (It takes a lot of work to get this good/screwed up.)
Everyone I know wants to be successful, but not everyone is. The outcome of almost everything you do can is determined by what you did to prepare yourself to achieve that task. You can prepare yourself to succeed or to fail, but your actions will determine this for you. Being prepared does not guarantee success, but being unprepared almost always guarantees failure. 
What you become tomorrow is determined by what you do today. Sometimes people taste a little success, get satisfied, and fall back in a rut. Others don’t achieve the success they dreamed of quickly and give up. I have been in both places and have come to realize that success is not easy and it is not constant. What you become tomorrow is determined by what you do today.  This goes on and on. The only finish line is death and even that leads to another beginning.
My point is simple. The idea of living for today is great if that is all you have, but setting goals for today that effect tomorrow seems like a better idea. Determine goals for yourself that not only affect you, but those around you, and whether those goals are temporal or eternal do your best to not waste a day in moving toward that goal. We all have less time than we think.

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    My Day Job vs. My Passion
    July 29, 2011

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