The #1 Rule In Marketing Communication & How to Use It to Your Advantage in the Digital Age

Every day, tens of thousands of companies around the country engage in some sort of marketing or advertising. It can also be said that everyday tens of thousands of marketing messages and ads get ignored. This translates to millions, if not billions of dollars wasted every single day. The sad truth is that most of those that fail ignore the 1st rule of communication. Know who you’re talking to.
The marketing term, target market, is so prevalent in business that the meaning is often ignored when creating marketing strategies. So, what does target market mean? A quick web search will pull up this definition on several sites, “the target market is a specific group of people that a company aims to capture.” Note the term Specific Group. This term leads to some really bad ads. Why? Because marketing to specific groups worked well back in 90’s but just won’t cut it anymore. The internet dissects groups into individuals and has flipped the way target markets are defined. 
In today’s digital world, social media & interactive communication driven marketing is vital to the success of your business. Marketing needs to talk to individuals, not groups. This allows individuals to draw closer to your brand and build relationships that turn normal customers into brand evangelists. These customers will sing your praises and broadcast your message to hundreds of people at a time giving you unprecedented word of mouth advertising.  By simply knowing who you are talking to, you can quickly grow your business before your competition knows what happened.

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