Interactive Marketing Campaign Pricing

Creating consumer engagement with your brand is now the most effective way to build brand awareness as well as increase sales. The more time you spend interacting with your customer, before and after the sale, the more money they will spend with you, and the more likely they are to refer their friends. Whether you want to run a $2500 month long online ad campaign or a Million dollar 6 month integrated marketing communications campaign we can pull it off for you. Our team will meet with and determine the best use of your budget. We will handle creative, media buying and ad creation for you. We will also provide detailed reports on the effectiveness of the ads and how effective each ad is working. So if you’re interested in using new media, traditional media, social media, or event driven marketing tactics we can handle all of it for you under one roof. Fill out the form on our contact page to meet with one of our consultants who can help you get started.