Social Media Marketing is currently the most efficient way for companies to market themselves and build customer loyalty. However, for many business owners, social networking brings many challenges that make it difficult to fully reap the benefits of social media marketing.

Those challenges include:

One of the keys to having a successful social media presence is message consistency. This means having your message sound like it is coming from your company, and having your message communicated in daily intervals.  For most companies finding the time to construct a message and deliver it daily is too much to ask, so we provide a solution that keeps you at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

Technology Training
It seems like every day a new must have technology emerges, or new feature that changes everything is introduced. Most business owners we have spoken with would rather go about their day to day business practices than constantly try and keep up with the online marketing learning curve. We have people that train or staff everyday on new technologies and best practices so that your business is never playing catch-up with your competition.

Measuring ROI
Another major obstacle that keeps businesses from jumping on the social media bandwagon is the inability for most companies to truly quantify the value of their social media presence. Because Innovative Impulses has a long history of measuring our work by the results we produce, we can confidently give you reports that measure the effectiveness of our actions and show how they contribute to your bottom line.

The Solution Is Innovative Impulses
Simply put, we make your life easier. We take all the headaches and hassle out of managing your social media accounts. Whether you want us to update your profile and post conversation starters daily, or go as far as monitoring your competitor’s disgruntled customers so we can swoop on and save the day, we can handle that for you. You decide how much time and effort you want us to put into your social media marketing and we will take care of the rest. We can engage clients on all the major social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter, as well as monitor what is being said about your brand in conversations across hundreds of sites and directories. Call us today and see how easy we make it to dominate the social web.